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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Amazonia at the MEG

Geneva, Switzerland
August 2016

The Museum of Ethnography in Geneva (MEG) curates one of the largest collections of Amazonian ethnography in Europe now on display for the first time in decades.

Over 2000 m2 of flame-retardant ShowTex fabrics help recreate the atmosphere of the Amazon rainforest, immediately immersing the visitors of the exhibition in a sensory experience.

Black Choucroute Heavy adds texture and depth to the intriguing venue. On top of that, the open structure of the non-woven panels simulates the effect of natural light beaming through the thick rainforest canopy.

ShowTex also dyed 1000 m2 of inherently flame-retardant Velours Garnier CS in a custom colour, as requested by the architect. The velvet was then laser cut in the shape of an organic see-through pattern and attached to a black LaserVoile to support the design. All through the exhibit, these laser-cut panels help divide the spaces, while enticing visitors to cast a curious glance at what’s behind.

Well worth a visit!

Project credits

mcbd architectes (