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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Corporate Events

Record-breaking mesh screen for resort opening
Projection mapping on 300-meter-tall facade wrapped in elastic mesh
Rental velvets at Belt & Road Summit conference
Renting fabrics adds eco-friendly touch to international congress
Reveal systems shine at Auto Shanghai
Spectacular car launches using rental reveal solutions
Golden GiantMirror: Luxurious event decoration
Stunning mirror event decoration at the Moët et Chandon gala
Glossy interior design for album launch
Reflective vinyl adds suspense to album release event
Festive fabric tunnels and room partitions
Printed event decor makes history come alive
Stylish car launch using roll-up systems
Stirring projections and a stunning car reveal
Bank reveal with impressive curtain drop
Daisy-chained Kabuki drop systems show off their reveal skills
Hardware and textile solutions for world expo
Countless m² of projection screens, prints, masking solutions and more
XL projections on outdoor Cielorama scrims at Sky Song
Extra-wide outdoor projection scrims
Video mapping cyclorama
Extra-wide cyclo backdrop at Velodrome
Custom coloured masking fabrics for 50 years UAE
Custom dyed stretch fabric to camouflage
Astonishing car launch using GiantMirror mirror foil
GiantMirror car display
Car reveal at the Guangzhou Motor Show
HiSpeed Reveal, spectacular car launch
Ryoichi Kurokawa: s.asmbli[wall] - 360° projection
360 projection mapping on a gigantic cube
A hat made from stretch fabrics on the Atomium
Circular 3D-shape with stretch fabrics
Volkswagen Car Launch
Stunning car-reveal with mirrors and roll-ups
49th UAE National Day
High-quality projection on a giant cube
200 years of Erste Bank
Spectacular reveal with blue event fabrics
Sanlam Conference
Fabric ceiling with strips of DropPaper
Automobile Barcelona
AV Drop event decoration in action
Corporate Gala Tent
See-through tent cover
Taste of Hong Kong
White DekoMolton as tent lining
3 Vallées Party
A huge inverted Alushape Cretonne mountain
Video mapping on an AV Drop setup
Morpheus Macau
A majestic HiSpeed Reveal!
Porsche Experience Centre
Spectacular outdoor Kabuki drop
Kids&Us Convention
Projection mapping onto versatile AV Drop modules
Creative Sports Award
Curved Print Frames form impressive 3D Ribbons
3D projections on LaserTulle
Renault - Passion for life
Spectacular modular backdrop made with AV Drop
Auto Shanghai
Lightboxes made from cube frame and RP Off-white
Momentum Roadshow
Taking conferences to the next level
NOS | NOC*NSF Sports Gala
theatre red StretchVelours draped in style
Global Business Forum
Creative 3D stage design featuring Cube Frame by ShowTex
EY - Enterpreneur of the year
A sophisticated look with SpiderNet by ShowTex
Abu Dhabi Through Your Eyes
Molton drapes and projection screens on stage
Asus Z3nvolution launch
GobelinTulle scrims immersed in spectacular projections
Audi A4 Launch Party
ShowTex installed 120 m2 backdrops in only 6 hours
Featuring an extra-wide projection screen
President's Sports Awards
a demonstration of high level set design
Sunset Party
AluShape by ShowTex recreates nature
Huawei Matebook launch
ShowTex Spain omnipresent during HUAWEI MateBook launch
World Air Games
a giant projection screen and a massive inflatable sphere
Fiëstas 2016
ShowTex South Africa showed through in every season during ‘Fiëstas 2016’
Du CEO Forum
Transforming the stage into a massive layered projection surface
Brussels Expo
PRG refurbishes Brussels Expo with drapes, screens and rails by ShowTex
a giant screen, an impressive backdrop & custom-made wings
Canon – Rediscover Imaging
Large-scale custom-curved FP Blackout projection screen
300 years of Martell
FP Blackout screens by ShowTex create impressive projection hallway
HBMPSG Award Ceremony
Laser-cut backdrops, rotating cube frames & curved track systems
UAE Mars Mission
Spacial setting with ShowTex fabrics, frames & prints
EY Vision 2020
impressive 360° projection surface
ShowTex raises VIP lounge to a higher level
Millennium Pavillion
Technology and innovation meet amazing stage fabrics
New MINI Hatch
3D video mapping on fabric car cover
CA Olympic Committee
getting creative with TrusSleeve
Matroshka Festival
7m high Russian dolls printed on PolyStretch
Remarkable elliptical projection screens
The Moon
Choucroute Medium for charity project
Internet of Things
Printed walls, projection screens and cyclorama
Launch Porsche Macan
Glamorous event with showTex AutoReveal
Cartier Exhibition
Printed Voile for luxurious effect
Dubai Water Canal
270-degree projections on ShowTex Rear Projection screens
Moët & Chandon
holographic mirror effects
150 Years Solvay
amazes the crowd with a detailed 10 by 7m laser-cut tube
Proton Suprima S
Spectacular video mapping and 3D effects on a meticulously made to measure PolyStretch car cover
Moods of Norway
Giant 10 by 50m FP Supermat
DEMB Event
Cyc projection screens and white stage masking fabrics
WTTC Global Summit
50m wide custom curved projection screen
Foot Locker
featuring a 75m wide Cyclo 200 projection screen
15 years of BEA
Adding a whole lot of glamour to the annual Belgium Events Award show
IFA Mass Rally
Large format screens combined with a scaff structure
Limburg Happening
Giant custom made chandeliers
BEA Awards 2012
decorative curtains, track, and motion systems
73m wide stretch screen


Corporate Events

Abu Dhabi Through your eyes

Abu Dhabi Through Your Eyes

A Molton stage curtain opened up in two panels, revealing the cinematic projection screen on stage.

Asus Z3nvolution - scrim projections

Asus Z3nvolution launch

Two GobelinTulle scrims, immersed in spectacular projections, ensured a mystifying experience for everyone present.

Audi A4 Launch Party

2 AV DROP walls of 10 m wide by 6 m high, wrapped with Cyclo 200 by ShowTex.


Twelve ShowTex Cube Frames serve as a 3D extension of the extra-wide RP Off White projection screen.

President's Sports Awards

An amazing show with live mapping on a curved moving screen.

Sunset Party

Bringing the outside in with creative textiles by ShowTex.


Huawei Matebook launch

ShowTex Spain was omnipresent during the HUAWEI MateBook launch at the Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona.

World Air Games - projection screen

World Air Games

ShowTex installed a giant projection screen and a massive inflatable sphere for the World Air Games

Fiëstas 2016 - stretch fabric

Fiëstas 2016

ShowTex South Africa showed through in every season during ‘Fiëstas 2016’, the South African Art award show, held at the State Theatre in Pretoria.

Du CEO Forum

Transforming the stage of the Dubai WTC into a massive layered projection surface for the 6th Du CEO Forum.

Brussels Expo

Palace 10 & Auditorium 2000 revamped into ready-to-use event venues.


ShowTex dominated the stage at the Abu Dhabi Award for Excellence in Government Performance (adaep).