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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Audi A4 Launch Party

Hong Kong
September 2016

Audi recently launched its brand-new A4 model at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. The large trade center hall was completely transformed to host the launch party and the virtual-reality driving experience.

ShowTex Hong Kong provided two AV DROP projection backdrops of 10 m wide by 6 m high. The main advantage of the AV DROP system is that it’s very fast to install and fully reusable. This makes it a sustainable backdrop solution. It took the ShowTex team only six hours to unload and install the two big projection backdrops!

The AV DROP frame was wrapped with white Cyclo 200 fabric. This cotton cyclorama has a matt finish and allowed the customer to project on the backdrops themselves. Since the Cyclo is extra-wide, there were no joints needed in the XL projection surfaces.