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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Car launch using a giant mirror
Car launch using a reflective foil display
Car launch using a mirror foil display

Astonishing car launch using GiantMirror mirror foil

Beijing, China
September 2021

Mercedes showcased its latest car model in a pavilion with reflective foil and colourful spotlights.

Impressive mirror display

Checking out the car launch of the Mercedes Benz EQS, you immediately notice a giant mirror installation above the vehicle. The reflective foil provides excellent views of the car’s roofline and is just one of many sights the pavilion has to offer.

The visually seamless display of semi-transparent mirror foil is a true eye-catcher. You hardly know where to look first! Especially with all the spotlights, the circular mirror has the pavilion bathe in a bright sea of colour that displays the car at its very best.

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