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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

IFA Mass Rally

Johannesburg, South Africa
March 2013

ShowTex supplied projection surfaces for the annual IFA Mass Rally event held at the Standard Bank Arena. More than 5000 visitors return each year to this highlight in the insurance industry that includes a prestigious awards ceremony with high profile entertainment.

The main set, technically managed by AV Unlimited, was designed specifically for 3D projection mapping and integrated two ShowTex 6m x 3.4m RetroScreen Off-White surfaces and one ShowTex 14m x 4.5m FrontScreen Supermat Perforato surface resting in between a scaffold structure at various heights covered in custom made pieces of Showtex Cyclo 200 cyc cloth and attached with bungees to the scaffold structure. All fabrics tied in perfectly to the industrial theme of the content created for the projection onto the screens and set. The African Motion Picture Company developed the content for the event as well as managed it. The set was constructed from a combination of large format screens and a scaff structure covered with custom made ShowTex fabric.

All the surfaces combined to provide a massive projection surface that along with the content specifically created for the set and the use of video processing systems gave the audience a unique video experience. During presentations the three main surfaces were used for presentations and live camera feed and the cyclo fabric was lit to accentuate the set and provide an ever changing backdrop.

IFA, which stands for Independent Field Advertisers, is the network marketing division of Clientèle Life, one of the most trusted and respected names in the South African financial services sector.

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Project credits

AV Unlimited