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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion


Abu Dhabi, UAE
December 2015

This year’s award winners were displayed on an organic-shaped FP Blackout projection screen, mounted in a custom-made steel frame by ShowTex. The high gain front projection fabric and total blackout screen was the perfect choice for this setup, as it prevented interference from all light effects in the background.

Over 250 velvet wings in front of a special blue glitter curtain (W 43m x H 21m) created an impressive backdrop behind the screen. ShowTex moulded the wings by covering a structure of numerous Glass Fibre Rods, attached to a Curved AluPipe (EasyDrape), with strips of black StretchVelours. The combination of the reflective blue backdrop and the curved wings added depth and texture to the set and allowed for unique lighting effects.

But it didn’t stop there: after all the guests were welcomed in a reception area covered with panels of printed sheer fabric Voile CS and printed fabric Universal 250 BB wall decoration, the ceremony kicked off with a circular reveal curtain, opened in Venetian style by a ShowTex HiSpeed 8000 system. The curtain unveiled the massive award statue on stage, which set the tone for the rest of the surprising evening!

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Project credits

HQ Creative