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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

President's Sports Awards

Abu Dhabi, UAE
September 2016

This year’s President’s Sports Awards in Abu Dhabi were yet again a demonstration of high-level set design, in which ShowTex proudly took part.

An FP Blackout projection screen of 3 by 6 metres was mounted in a curved Print Frame Profile and attached with Heavy Duty Scenery Carriers to 32 metres of curved ShowTrack rails. Turning 180°, the screen appeared from behind the stage while the content was continuously mapped using a high-end motion tracking system.

The motion of the content and the screen had to be perfectly in sync, so it was extremely important that the screen remained stable at all times and moved at exactly the right speed. The ShowTex RTD motor was therefore the perfect fit for the job!

ShowTex worked very closely with Lighthouse Productions to get everything on the right track as the event was broadcast live on television.

A great partnership!

Project credits

Lighthouse Productions