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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

AluShape moulding cloth
AluShape moulding cloth
AluShape moulding cloth
AluShape moulding cloth

3 Vallées Party

Lyon, France
February 2019

Haven’t you ever dreamed of trading your fancy shoes for Moon Boots and dancing in the middle of ice structures? The French ski area of Les 3 Vallées, one of the world’s biggest ski resorts, relied on ShowTex to recreate the sensation of altitude and the highest snowy peaks with malleable fabric.

When Alushape reaches new heights

The arrival of winter was celebrated with a well-rounded programme: fashion show, fire-spitting machine, giant photocall, dancers on stilts, Savoyard fondue and a gigantic iceberg signed ShowTex.

This year’s crazy idea was indeed to install a huge inverted mountain enthroned above the heads in the centre of the room. A total of 80 linear metres of white Alushape Cretonne were used to create the perfect shape. This easy-to-shape aluminium foil allowed the mound to come to life in a customised way. The piece was fixed with hook-and-loop fasteners on a wooden frame and metal rods.

An impressive mirror for a split effect

A GiantMirror of almost 4 metres by 4 was tensioned and suspended on a Screen Frame placed just above the structure. This particular arrangement was intended to increase by mirror effect the depth and majesty proper to a real mountain.

Projections and special effects throughout the evening animated the pristine ridge creating a magical atmosphere.

If you were not there to hop on the dance floor with the white tigers, you can browse through the evening’s pictures to discover more about Alushape here!


Sound and light design: Delta Production