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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Brussels Expo

Brussels, Belgium
December 2015

Palace 10 and Auditorium 2000 of Brussels Expo were recently fully transformed into ready-to-use event venues. A versatile technical setup including the latest audio, lighting and video technology was installed in order to highlight the unique architectural qualities of the location. The modular design of the rooms and a flexible system of curtains and freestanding walls now allow for the organisation of a whole range of events.

At the request of Brussels Expo, PRG optimised the ease of use and increased the options for a modular division of the halls in collaboration with ShowTex. Palace 10 was equipped with five motorised rigging modules allowing to create several new sceneries by playing with the height of the ceiling. ShowTex mounted dark brown dyed PolyStretch P8 CS Matt in 10 different truss frames, which contribute to the new look of the ceiling. 

ShowTex installed a Rail H100 of no less than 136.5 m long and grey brown dyed Molton curtains on a U-shaped balcony to adapt the configuration of Palace 10 to the clients’ wishes and needs.

In the Auditorium 2000, ShowTex installed a 38 m wide FP Supermat projection screen that can be shortened to 12 m with a ShowTex system of black Molton drapes. PRG chose yet again for Rail H100 to install the Molton drapes.

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