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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Custom coloured stretch fabrics mask the installation at the 50the UAE National Day
Custom coloured elastic fabrics hide trusses at the 50the UAE National Day

Custom coloured masking fabrics for 50 years UAE

Dubai, UAE
February 2022

Custom dyed stretch fabrics ensure all production equipment perfectly blends with the stunning surroundings, allowing the National Day show to stand out.

Custom coloured masking fabrics

With a floating tribune, stunning light show, projection mapping and drone-launched fireworks, Artistic Director and Designer Es Devlin turned the 50th UAE National Day celebration into a true feast for the eyes. But set against the scenic backdrop of Hatta’s dam, lakes, and mountains, a large-scale production like this comes with a huge amount of technical equipment and staff that can derive the audience’s attention. Nothing to worry about with the right colour of masking textiles.

Thanks to their custom brown dye, the elastic StretchTulle scrims perfectly matched the desert and mountain surroundings, resulting in the ideal masking solution for the show. Camouflage style!
On stage, a unique sound-transparent velvet even hid the speakers without any effect on sound quality.

Never let your audience be distracted again.

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Project credits

Es Devlin