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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Momentum Roadshow

Momentum Roadshow

South African tour
May 2017

Momentum Wealth introduced new products to its brokers during a national roadshow through South Africa. As the roadshow was hosted at 16 venues of various sizes, ShowTex provided both a larger and a smaller conference set to take on tour.

The big set consisted of a 22 by 4.5 meter FP Blackout projection screen, while the screen for the smaller setup measured 12 by 3 meters. The black backing of this screen prevents projector light spill and interference from ambient light.

In front of the main projection surface, ShowTex mounted various custom-curved frames, finished with white Cyclo 200 and DekoMolton, that were perfectly aligned with the projected content. The organic-shaped screens made sure the standard conference look got a great upgrade!

To make the frames appear as if they were floating, they were rigged from trussing in front of the main screen. In venues without rigging facilities, the shapes were attached directly to a free-standing truss to keep the layered effect and create extra depth onstage.

Momentum Wealth is the investment division of MMI Group, a subsidiary of MMI Holdings Limited, South Africa’s third largest life insurance group.

Project credits

Momentum Roadshow
Creative Space Media