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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Sunset Party

Barcelona, Spain
August 2016

Sunset Party is an event organized by GL Events that takes place every year in Barcelona’s Convention Centre (CCiB). This party serves as a summer welcoming gathering of professionals, companies and suppliers in the Event Management industry offering them a space to share ideas and start business opportunities.

Every year, the party has a new theme. The main protagonists of this year’s edition were nature and the environment. In order to achieve this, several representative decoration items were scattered across the entire “Banquet Hall” of the CCiB. A tree standing in the middle of the hall, an entrance to a cave and a huge screen displaying landscapes and natural phenomena were some of the sensations of the night.

To recreate the tree, trusses of 3, 6 and 9m were installed on top of an AluShape Earth molding cloth base from ShowTex. And, to make it even more realistic, the tree was crowned with dozens of natural leaves. The result was utterly stunning.

Furthermore, the previously mentioned cave measuring 21 m in length by 3.4 m stretched along the back side of the Hall, from behind which the catering staff emerged to serve the attendants. To create the rocky facade inside the cave, our technicians used Alushape Stone.

The frontal projection screens in PVC Seamless BackDrop from AV Drop displayed soft images that drew the attention of the attendants while evoking a very cosy mood. The 15x5m seamless and uniform screen offered a supreme surface for the projection of the 1080p images. A white Spaghetti Budget string curtain was placed only a few centimetres in front of the screen. This combination was meant to add more depth to the images that were projected through the curtain and onto the screen. Air stream was the final touch to generate curtain motion. All these elements added up to create a warm mood in the lounge of the Banquet Hall.

Without a doubt, GL Event’s Sunset Party was a logistic success. Both the professionals from The Barcelona International Convention Centre as well as the ShowTex technicians made this networking and joyful event something to remember in the years to come.