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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

CSA - curved front projection screen
CSA - curved print frames
CSA - curved front projection screen
CSA - curved print frames

Creative Sports Award

Dubai, UAE
March 2018

The 9th edition of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Creative Sports Award hosted at the Dubai World Trade Centre did not go unnoticed. The impressive show featured dynamic ceiling-rigged set pieces by ShowTex Middle East magically blending in with the projected content on the main screen.

Custom-curved ribbon frames

On the left and right of the stage sat two impressive swirly structures, created out of 67-metre long Double Print Frames. The lightweight aluminium frames were custom-curved to form two giant 3D ribbons covered with a layer of flame-retardant PolyStretch P8 CS Matt on both sides. As the elastic fabric stretches very easily over the frames, it is a great solution for creating modular and light-weight scenic elements that make an impact.

Main stage projection screen

All lucky winners were featured on a giant rear projection screen of 42 metres wide and almost 8 metres high. The RP Off-White projection surface was smoothly stretched over a curved Screen Frame, adding even more energy to the already dynamic set.

Using carefully mapped content, both ribbons on stage continued in the screen, forming one giant swirl!

Printed decoration to welcome guests

ShowTex flame-retardant fabrics did not only dress the award ceremony itself, all guests were also welcomed in a beautiful reception area decorated with printed BannerDrape cloths. This semi-transparent material has an amazing recto-verso print effect, which is perfect for creating double-sided event decoration.

Congratulations to all sporting winners!

Project credits

Prisme International