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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

HBMPSG Award Ceremony

Dubai, UAE
October 2015

An impressive stage design, filled with ShowTex projection surfaces and track systems, set the perfect mood for the Hamdan bin Mohammed Programme for Smart Government awards (HbMPSG) in Dubai.

A massive 120 m long Molton backdrop was laser-cut with dynamic shapes and backlit with lively colours. But the eye-catchers of the evening were the numerous elements of moving scenery, all tracked and projection-mapped to provide a dynamic canvas during the ceremony.

The audience enjoyed 270-degree views around a circular stage featuring a 5-metre cube frame with PolyStretch P8 CS Matt screens and 2 large jigsaw puzzle-shaped projection surfaces. The cube rotated, lifted and pivoted during the show while the two jigsaw screens moved on curved Horizontal ChainTracks around the edge of the stage. The cube and puzzle pieces served as impressive display surfaces for the 3D projection mapping.

Hamdan Bin Mohammed Programme for Smart Government (HBMPSG) by ShowTex on behalf of HQ Creative and The Executive Council of Dubai.

Project credits

HQ Creative and The Executive Council of Dubai
Production Technology LLC: Technical concept