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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Renault - Passion for life
Renault - Passion for life

Renault - Passion for life

July 2017

An impressive 25 m wide and 7 m high AV Drop backdrop was unarguably the centrepiece on stage. As it consisted of various hexagon shapes individually covered with a PVC blackout screen, the full backdrop could be used as a giant projection surface.

In the middle of the structure, a 6 m wide passage was created to enable the cars to enter the stage during the show. A HiSpeed RollUp system opened the entrance to the stage with a spectacular guillotine effect, which blew away the audience.

The freestanding AV Drop system by ShowTex is perfect to create angle-shaped and modular structures like this, making it the ultimate solution for every AV professional!

Design & Production: WF Events

Project credits

WF Events
WF Events