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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Large scale event decoration at LOS40 Music Awards
Video mapping on cyclorama at LOS40 Music Awards
360° projections on cyclorama at LOS40 Music Awards

Video mapping cyclorama

Palma de Mallorca, Spain
March 2022

With special acts of Ed Sheeran and Álvaro Soler, the party at LOS40 Music Awards was kicked off in style. All around the velodrome, video projection on a giant fabric screen was the key for a festive atmosphere.

Cyclo projection fabric

And the award for mood-booster of the year goes to … extra-wide cyclo textiles! Surrounding the performers on stage, a staggering 2000 m² of flame-retardant Cyclo covered the complete pitch of the Illes Balears Velodrome. The alternative projection fabric comes in widths that allow endless seamless setups. A great solution for large-scale video projection and perfect to turn this award show into a true feast for the eyes.

Tricky installation? Challenge accepted!

Installing a huge amount of Cyclo 200 fabric is quite challenging at a 7-meter-high velodrome track that is scarily steep and slippery. But nothing the ShowTex crew cannot tackle. All geared up, they dropped down from the upper rail and installed the drapes well on time for the big event. Challenge completed!

Setting the tone at your grand-scale event is easy with creative projection surfaces.

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Project credits

Planet Events
Lighting Designer Alain Corthout