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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Corporate Gala Tent

Tai Kwun, Hong Kong
June 2019

The things you can do with event fabrics! A see-through tent at the FWD Champions Day gala literally was a demonstration of thinking outside the box.

Crystal-clear transparent foil

To allow guests to enjoy the beautifully restored historic buildings outside, a temporary venue was constructed out of transparent LED walls and a giant ClearScreen Crystal roof. Such a creative approach!

Waterproof tent cover

The huge see-through fabric cover was created in one single piece, measuring 15 by 22 meters and weighing less than 150 kg. Talking about a unique glass imitation.

As the PVC was finished with a pocket and glass fibre rods all around, it allowed for easy fabric tensioning. Some final tweaks on-site and the waterproof tent cover was a perfect fit for the festive truss construction!

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