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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

A hat made from stretch fabrics on the Atomium

Brussels, Belgium
February 2021

No, your eyes aren’t fooling you, the Atomium is wearing a real beanie! Colourful stretch fabrics, wrapped over the famous landmark, help to bring attention to mental health. Have you visited yet?

Stretch fabric shaped like a beanie

Those who passed the Atomium lately, surely can’t believe their eyes. There’s a giant hat made of stretch fabrics on top of the famous landmark! With its vibrant colour and 18 meters diameter, you definitely can't overlook the winter decoration. Not even when mounted on the top sphere of the monument, which is 100 meters high!

The strong, flexible stretch fabric is made from permanently flame-retardant fibres, which makes it the perfect choice for this outdoor winter event. Luckily, it keeps the inside of the Atomium warm and cosy for your next visit :-)


Teamwork makes the dream work

With only 4 weeks between concept and installation, this project was a real feat with close teamwork between client, designer, ShowTex and the sturdy mountaineers of the Atomium. So proud to be a partner of this stunt by 'Te Gek!?', which aims to bring mental health care under the attention of a wide audience. You can even support the campaign and keep your own head warm in one go! As there is a human-sized version of the beanie available as well, designed by Olympic champion and fashion designer Elodie Ouédraogo.

Working on a project that draws people's attention? Creative 3D-shapes with stretch fabric are the way to go!



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