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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

GiantMirror at Expo 2020 Dubai
Kaleidoscopic mirror tunnel steals the show
GiantMirror ceiling at Memories of Tomorrow for Six N. Five / TRLab
Slanted GiantMirror installation offers new perspective on performance Mama
GiantMirror kaleidoscope at Leap
Reflections on glasslike GiantMirror stage props
Infinite aisle effect using XL glassless mirrors at wedding venue
Mirror ceiling decorations at jewellery expo
GiantMirror Icosahedron at SAGA Festival
GiantMirror - lightweight event mirror
GiantMirror - lightweight event mirror
GiantMirror - lightweight event mirror
GiantMirror - lightweight stage mirror
GiantMirror - lightweight stage mirror
GiantMirror - lightweight event mirror
GiantMirror - lightweight stage mirror
GiantMirror - lightweight stage mirror
GianMirror - lightweight event mirror
GiantMirror - lightweight mirror installation
GiantMirror - lightweight stage mirror
GiantMirror - mirror effect
GiantMirror - mirror effect
GiantMirror - mirror effect


This glassless mirror is perfect for scenic applications, stunning special effects or panoramic event decoration. The reflective material is mounted on a truss or frame and custom-made for mirrors of any size. A true eyecatcher at stage performances, retail displays, theme parks, television studios, trade show stands, museums and so on. The innovative GiantMirror can even suit circular designs!

GiantMirror is available in 4 different colours, all with very specific features. Your choice of colour will highly depend on the effect you want to achieve. Let’s have a closer look:

A real-life reflective mirror surface

The GiantMirror full mirror is a versatile alternative to genuine glass mirrors. Its highly reflective finishing is great for lightweight mirrors with virtually invisible joints and offers near-perfect clarity and reflection. A two-way reflective material. (colour 0522 / Full Mirror Silver)

Combining reflections and see-through effects

When the GiantMirror's transparency is just as important as its reflective quality, the silver-coloured see-through version is your best choice. Depending on the lighting on the panel, the highly reflective surface will serve as a mirror while still allowing what’s behind to bleed through. A semi-transparent reflective surface. (colour 0521 / Transparent Mirror Silver)

A glass replica for hologram effects 

Use the fully transparent GiantMirror to create mind-blowing holograms and make objects appear or disappear, the so-called Pepper's Ghost Effect. With the right lighting, the material becomes completely invisible and leaves everything up to your artistic imagination. A fully transparent screen. (colour 0520 / Clear Glass)

How the Pepper’s ghost effect works

In the stage version of the illusion, an actor is hidden in a recessed area below the stage and faces a mirror. The audience sees the actor’s ghostly image reflected in a mirror suspended above the stage, while lighting is used to make him or her appear and disappear.

Pepper’s ghost has been a popular theatre trick since the 1860s. In those days, an image reflected from a hidden, illuminated room appeared to be on stage, with the audience unaware they were essentially looking through a window. This “ghost” was genuinely three-dimensional, with the audience viewing a reflection of a live actor, who appeared three-dimensional just as your reflection in a mirror appears to be.

Bold in Gold

The highly reflective GiantMirror full mirror is also available in a luxuriously looking gold colour to make a bold and classy statement. With excellent optical quality, the made-to-measure mirror reflects images with no distortion. Apart from its chic colour, the golden option is the first printable mirror quality in our range and is more resistant to scratching as well. (colour 0500 / Full Mirror Gold)



Article codeWidthLengthWeightInformation

4651 0225 #

225 cm

made to measure

70 g/m²

All colours but gold

4651 0393 0520

393 cm

made to measure

130 g/m²

Clear Glass

4651 0142 0500

142 cm

made to measure

75 g/m²

Full Mirror Gold

100% PES
Flame retardancy standard: 
DIN-B1 (only for colours 0522 & 0521) / BS-2B (only for colours 0522, 0521 & 0520 of 393 cm wide) / NFPA 701 (only for colour 0522)
More info: 

Handle with care.

Temperature and humidity may have a visible impact on the mirror.

Outdoor use and displacements are not recommended.