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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Mirror & holographic effects

Featherweight mirror foils, two way mirrors, fully and semi transparent reflective surfaces, shrink mirrors, and the exclusive GiantMirror. Our easy to use mirror foils and holographic materials are a versatile alternative to glass mirrors and can create hologram effects or make objects appear and disappear.

Cielorama - outdoor 3D hologram scrim

Take your hologram effects outside with the super-wide and highly-transparent Cielorama.

RP GlassFilm AC - self-adhesive projection foil

Turn your glass and window panels into stunning translucent projection surfaces with this self-adhesive foil.

PepperScrim - 3D Hologram scrim

Highly transparent and extra wide metallic scrim for large scale 3D hologram effects.

GiantMirror at Expo 2020 Dubai

Ideal for giant glassless mirrors, custom made up to any size. Available in full transparency for holographic effects.

SuperMirror - mirror foil

Panel mirror foil, 1 mm thick. Ready-to-use.


Semi-transparent thin mirror foil. Two-way mirror with a silver backing. 


Mirror foil that can also be used for curtain panels.