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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Tim Tronckoe
Tim Tronckoe
Tim Tronckoe
Tim Tronckoe
Tim Tronckoe

Alex Agnew

Tour, Belgium
October 2016

Belgian stand-up comedian Alex Agnew literally holds a mirror up to himself and his audience during his Unfinished Business show.

The witty performance is touring with five made-to-measure GiantMirrors by ShowTex, creating stage filling effects. By lighting up the semi-transparent mirror (Transparent Mirror Silver) foils in various ways, the audience not only sees reflections of the performer and themselves, they also witness the giant letters behind the mirror appear and disappear.

Agnew chose 5 separate mirrors of 5 by 2 metres each to make sure the glassless mirrors are easy to transport and install during the tour. The result is a remarkable 50m2 mirror wall on stage that attracts the spectator’s attention right from the first sight!

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