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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Bilan 35

Moscow, Russia
January 2017

Former Eurovision Song Contest winner, Dima Bilan, celebrated his 35th birthday with two sold-out concerts in Moscow’s Crocus City Hall, replete with spectacular light shows, eye-catching 3D visuals & light effects on various ShowTex scrims and foils.

The set designer chose the brand-new PepperScrim to create some amazing holographic effects. Contrary to Clear Glass mirror foil, this gauze hangs vertically and therefor uses less space on stage than a mirror tilted at a 45-degree angle. On top of that, this highly transparent scrim doesn't reflect ambient light and has a unique 7 m width, ideal to show flawless holograms without seeing any seam.

The set designer brought even more variation to the stage by making the band members, who were standing behind a ShowTex GobelinTulle, magically appear and disappear by playing with front projections and backlighting.

To make it even more spectacular, two GiantMirrors mounted in Screen Frame by ShowTex were placed in a corner to reflect into each other thus creating the illusion of four mirrors on stage. To top this all off, the designer projected visuals on the Silver Transparent mirror foil and installed LED screens behind it, which created a polarizing effect on stage.

Director: Alexey Golubev
Production: Holographic Technologies