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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Chinese Valentine’s Day

Jianxi, China
September 2017

On Chinese Valentine’s Day, CCTV celebrated love with a colourful show that brought Chinese culture to life. The programme unfolded in a nature-inspired setting, defined by a range of ShowTex stage fabrics. 

A 10 m high by 6 m wide Spaghetti Budget string curtain served as a giant textured projection surface on stage and created a unique interaction between shadow and light. The lightweight fabric screen did not only ensure a vivid projection, it also provided a vibrant colour display when lit up by the various stage lights.

A circular GiantMirror by ShowTex added even more visual effects to the broadcast. The mirror was the main set piece on stage, bringing light, colour, video and performance masterly together. The reflection of dancers and singers combined with colourful light effects made a huge impact on all viewers.

A true celebration of love!

Project credits

N Dimensions Media