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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Renovation Ahoy

Rotterdam, The Netherlands
September 2010

ShowTex Netherlands supply acoustic drapes to Dutch Ahoy Arena in Rotterdam.

After four decades of use, renovation was necessary to ensure the continuation of the Ahoy's status as a world-class venue long into the future. A grand total of 48 Wool Serge sound masking drapes (more than 2500 meters) and 20 inherently flame retardant Paris CS polyester velvet curtains (covering more than 3000 metres) dress the new arena to optimize the venue’s acoustics.
ShowTex Netherlands also installed 280 metres of black H100 curtain tracks, 7 curved tracks and 2 electronic switch points (+ control) for easy drape storage.

More than 25 million people have experienced amazing events at the Ahoy Arena over the past forty years. The modernization includes major improvements to visitor facilities, a completely new, upgraded roof, as well as fabulous acoustics and an increased capacity of more than 15.000 visitors.

Project credits

Royal BAM Group nv