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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Ashcroft Theatre

Surrey, UK
September 2012

ShowTex supplied new main curtains, borders, legs and backdrops for Croydon’s Ashcroft Theatre. Wool Serge drapes in bright red and chocolate brown were commissioned for the 8m wide and 12m high proscenium stage. A medium weight black cotton velvet and black Wool Serge M1 certified drapes were also manufactured by ShowTex.

Designed by Robert Atkinson & Partners Architects  in 1961, The Ashcroft is the 800 seat capacity theatre element of the Civic Centre known as the Fairfield Halls (which includes the Fairfield Concert Hall).  Named after Croydon-born Dame Peggy Ashcroft, the Ashcroft  is a proscenium theatre with a stepped auditorium, giving excellent sightlines.