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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Renovation of NTGent

Ghent, Belgium
January 2021

While most of the renovation took place behind the scenes, the complete refurbishment of the NTGent stage ensures the face of the theatre is ready for the future as well.

Majestic Trevira front-of-house drape

You definitely can't overlook the impressive main curtain, made of permanently flame-retardant Velours Paris CS. Being a luxuriously polyester velvet, it is remarkably more resistant to moisture and creases than any cotton alternative, making the curtains easier to maintain and longer lasting. On top of that, the heavy material absorbs sound, giving the acoustics of the venue an audible upgrade as well.

Setting the curtains in motion? Thanks to the brand-new motorised Chaintrack system, opening and closing the drapes is fully automated!


The theatre black box

Managing stage light and sound is crucial for creating the perfect theatre experience and to maximise the impact of a performance. As black curtains play an important role in this respect, NTGent opted for inherently flame-retardant Trevira curtains.

The full stage masking, from borders, legs and stage skirts to the backdrop, side curtains and tormentor is fully renewed with black Velours Garnier CS. This material blocks ambient light, avoids reflection and helps create a perfect black box on stage. Even the acoustics of these velvets are great!

Setting the mood on stage

A full theatre fit-out does not stop with a traditional front curtain and masking drapes. Also during the performance, extra-wide and seamless textiles play a crucial role. Thanks to its even light spread, a brand-new Cyclo 270 makes the perfect stage cyclorama, while a stage-wide black GobelinTulle scrim is key for creating stunning special effects. Apart from serving as a projection surface, the classic theatre gauze is perfect for making actors and stage elements appear or disappear. The right fabric combined with the right lighting can literally create magic on stage!