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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

De Stoep Theatre

Spijkenisse, The Netherlands
November 2014

Theater De Stoep, the brand-new theatre venue designed by Ben van Berkel from UNStudio, is undoubtedly going to become one of most important icons in Spijkenisse (Netherlands).

ShowTex took care of all of the masking tasks in the Main and Small theatre hall, both were decked out almost entirely in purple. A prestigious, dark purple tailor-made Wagner main curtain made from mohair-velvet and lengthened with black Suez cotton hangs in the Main theatre hall on a ShowTrack rail system designed by ShowTex.

All legs, borders and backdrops are made of midnight blue cotton velvet of which the flat pile glows with a subtle satin sheen. The versatile Show Pipe rail system from ShowTex ensures easy positioning of the black Molton on the side. A Filled Cloth horizon cloth reflects light beautifully, it's also extremely smooth and therefore more crease-resistant than other cyclo horizons. Additionally, ShowTex installed a scrim in GobelinTulle, the necessary side masking in black Molton and an RP off-white projection screen in truss. All of these fabrics can be transported safely with the ShowTex tailor-made backstage curtain storage carts.

The floor was laid with DanceCarpet that can be used on both sides. The handy EasyRoller DanceFloor Cart from ShowTex makes this easy to transport, to roll out and up and to store in a compact fashion.

Black curtains from Black Serge Panne wool, which can be stored in personalised cases, are suspended by means of a Showpipe suspension system above the audience's heads to optimise the acoustics.

Black masking made from Serge Panne Wool was also used in the Small Theatre Hall, in combination with a Filled Cloth horizon and a Travelscreen for projections. ShowPipe rails were bent to meet the venue's specific requirements. Once again, the combination of DanceCarpet and EasyRoller DanceFloor Cart designed and manufactured by ShowTex means that the floor covering is durable and flexible.

Project credits

Ben van Berkel @ UNStudio