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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Music Quarter Enschede

Enschede, The Netherlands
October 2008

The Enschede Music Quarter called on ShowTex for the design of their big theatre hall, 2 pop halls and a ballet studio.

The front curtain, designed by Petra Blaisse - Inside Outside, is a true piece of art. The acoustic curtains are composed out of no less than 7 different layers of textile!

Between the 2 layers of the red front curtain there's a layer of Taft, printed with patterns that are repeated in the rest of the building. Thanks to the complex tailoring, this middle layer appears when the curtain moves. A Wagner opening with a spectacular effect!

Furthermore Showtex delivered 2 acoustic curtains (11 x 18m and 12 x 24m), composed of 7 layers: 1 layer of Velours, 3 layers of Calmuc, 2 layers of Backlith and 1 layer of Taft Satin. Due to this unique design, the curtains ended up weighing 3.5 kg/m².

Besides the front curtain and acoustic cloths, also the stage masking - made out of 3500m black Velours Bellini and 400m Molton - is a ShowTex product. In total we delivered no less than 1100 m of Calmuc off white, 300 m of Wool Serge Panne, 500 m of Taft Satin, 400 m of Backlith PVC, 3500 m of black Velours Bellini, 300 m of Molton, 3 gauzes (24 x 11 m), 1 horizon Filled Cloth (11 x 24 m), 360m dance vinyl, 3 DanceCarpet Wagons, 7 Canvas Hampers, 30 stage elements, 85 Fastcos, 3 FlightCases and 255 metres of Rail H100.


Project credits

DHV Bouw/PB theater adviseurs