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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

GranRex Locarno

November 2018

Using flame-retardant acoustic fabrics and multifunctional curtain tracks, the famous GranRex auditorium now fully meets modern requirements.

Heavy-weight & durable Trevira velvets

All around the cinema walls, anthracite Velours Paris CS was carefully tightened over a wooden frame filled with mineral wool, to bring back the light masking and acoustic properties it was lacking. In combination with elegantly draped dark grey Velours Paris CS velvets, the smooth panels add to the sleek and modern look of the restored venue.

As the movie theatre is often lent for special events such as performances, congresses and masterclasses, GranRex chose not to stitch the fabric panels together, making it easier for them to replace just one in case of dirt or damages. This way, the curtains stay in mint condition at all times!

Light and Sound masking drapes

Black Molton drapes were installed to mask both the auditorium entrances as the projection booth windows, allowing the auditorium to turn pitch black during screenings. Besides being an affordable blackout fabric, Molton is also an ideal acoustic material that is perfect to eliminate reverberation. An all-in-one solution!

Hiding speakers with sound-permeable fabric

Obviously, great sound effects are part of the perfect cinema experience too. Therefore, the room subwoofers needed to be masked visually without impacting the sound quality. The sound-transparent Velours TransSonic CS did just that! Being a permanently flame-retardant velvet, it is dense enough to hide speaker but has no impact on acoustics at all.

Curtain tracks made from experience

In front of doors and windows, ShowTex attached the Molton curtains to high-quality rail profiles. These multipurpose Rail H100 tracks are the perfect suspension system for a medium-sized venue like this and got the heavy-weight drapes up in no time.

A fully refurbished movie theatre where durability and optimal user experience are highly valued!