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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Amphion Theatre

Doetinchem, Netherlands
March 2011

Amphion Theatre in the Dutch town of Doetinchem served as the region's cultural meeting point for years. ShowTex Netherlands supplied and installed the venue's stage curtains and custom tracks at the recently rebuilt theatre site designed by Mecanoo Architects.

The main stage flame retardant curtain is made from ShowTex Velours Bellini velvet in theatre red. Amphion's new stage flooring is durable Dancecarpet Duo. To ensure optimum acoustic masking, more than 2000 m of Wool drapes were manufactured for borders, legs and backdrops.

Custom curtain track solutions were also developed to meet the venue's specific demands. As a new generation of theatre goers discover the Amphion's modern incarnation as a bigger and bolder cultural center, the theater technical installation is set for all the future has in store. Traditional elements remain, like the grand hall with its regal balconies, arena and parterre. Stage canvas in Cyclo 270 and GobelinTulle sharkstooth scrim, also supplied by ShowTex Netherlands ensure the Amphion is once again poised to play its integral role in Doetinchem's cultural scene.

Project credits

Mecanoo Architecten