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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Y Ffwrnes theatre

January 2013

A variety of stage drapes for the Y Ffwrnes theatre’s main hall and chapel conversion Studio Theatre were all custom manufactured by ShowTex. The Main Theatre is equipped with a full set of masking drapes including Teaser, House Curtain, five pairs of side stage Legs and over-stage Borders, two pairs of cross-stage Travellers, upstage Cyclorama (white), RGB LED Starcloth and a white front of stage gauze.

A motorised house curtain draw track allows the house curtain to operate as an open/close curtain or by the power flying set as a raise/lower curtain. Two manually operated draw tracks are provided for the cross-stage travellers and these can be located as required. The five cross-stage borders and the pairs of side-stage legs are attached to the same power-operated flying sets. The legs are attached on independent bars under-slung from the main bar. These can be easily height adjusted relative to the main bar to provide a range of border heights of 6.1 metres, 6.7 metres and 7.3 metres from the stage floor with the legs set at the required drop height to the stage.

To maximise the visual contrast surrounding the performance area, all onstage masking was specified as Ultra black Velour and all in flat panels of fabric to minimize the light-catching surfaces.

In the contemporary interior of the auditorium, the house curtain was designed with changing width full height vertical panels of fabric in two colours. One colour reflects the shade of the venue’s seating and the other corresponds to the nearly black hue of the proscenium; a theme inspired by the work of the Dutch painter Piet Mondrian.

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Project credits

ACT Consultant Services; MRL Systems