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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

DeLaMar Theatre

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
October 2011

ShowTex Netherlands manufactured and installed all stage draperies and tracks to finish off the total renovation of the historic DeLaMar theater in Amsterdam.

The grand drapes for both of the theater's stages were created from ShowTex's Gaudi Mohair Velvet velour sewn into Wagner curtains that part in the middle to reveal the stage, instead of being raised or lowered. With its long satin pile, and 575 g/m weight, Mohair Velvet radiates an opulent luster and adds an unmatched level of grandeur to any theatre main curtain. These were installed on durable ShowTrack curtain tracks. 

All acoustic drapes, borders, legs, and stage skirting are made from more than 1500 m of flame retardant black Wool fabric. The Dutch team at ShowTex also supplied sharkstooth scrim in grey and black GobellinTulle, custom cycloramas in Filled Cloth, and hundreds of metres of black Molton masking drapes. 

From the permanent dance floor for the stages to front and rear projection screens and a variety of curtain track weights and shapes, the entire fabric and accessory fitting of the DeLaMar was entrusted to ShowTex specialists.

Project credits

VanDenEnde Foundation
ACCA Team of Architects