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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion


ShowTex presents the latest technology in curtain motion systems, theatre and event supplies. Our range includes curtain tracks for every weight of drape, Kabuki drops, roll ups, budget solutions and reveal systems for product presentations.

Use these shackles for secure connections.

Pulley Block is a wheel with a groove in which a rope can run to change the direction or point of

Nickel wheel, with or without a brake.


Adhesive aluminum tape. Heat resistant.

Double-sided carpet tape for attaching temporary expo carpet. Leaves almost no glue residue.

Phosphor Tape lights up in the dark. Use this light tape for marking stages and exits.

Carpet tape for attaching dancecarpet. Leaves almost no glue residue.


 All-round and easy tearable carpet tape.

Black or off-white linen curtain bag which permits the curtains to breathe.

Air permeable, black or white, polypropylene curtain bag.

White PVC curtain label. Can be personalized with your logo.


Curtain trolley with 4 swiveling wheels.


Ideal for moving, storing & protecting stage curtains, theatrical drapes, backdrops and cyclo

Special flight case for curtains with ventilation grille and velvet lining.


EasyRoller - Floor Storage

Easy mobile system for the storage, handling, and laying out of vinyl dance flooring without any