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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Stage Curtain Accessories

From curtain trimmings to clamps and fabric tensioning systems. Our curtain accessories guide is a great resource for your scenic, sewing, or production workshop and is filled with the essentials for your installation team toolbox.

RollMolton Tape

Double-sided tape for attaching Molton temporarily to stage elements, wood and PVC.

Pipesnap - pipe hanger

Pipe hanger for fast mounting of theatre legs, borders and backdrops. With swivelling hook.

ShowTex SandBag

Brace, hold and provide stability to set items.

It's the only profile of its kind with integrated pins for fast build up.

Spanfix spiral hook loop - fabric tensioner

Ideal fabric tensioner for permanent installations. Available in black.


SpanFix spiral hook T - fabric tensioner

Ideal fabric tensioner for touring. Easy to attach and detach. Available in black.

Hook & Loop Fastener

Classic fabric hook-and-loop fastener available in white (0003) or black (0007).


Adhesive hook and loop fastener

A strong self-adhesive hook-and-loop fastener that sticks to iron and aluminum.

Adhesive Hook and loop fastener - heavy duty

Strong self-adhesive hook-and-loop fastener that sticks to wood and PVC.

Elasto Hook & Loop Fastener

Stretchable hook-and-loop fastener.

B2B Hook-and-loop fastener

Double-sided. Back to back hook-and-loop fastener. Cable binder. Hook + Loop.


fluorescent Hook & Loop fastener

This fluorescent hook-and-loop fastener is a highly visible fastener.


Webbing no logo

Webbing is used to finish the top of stage curtains, together with grommets and laces.

A very versatile curtain finishing.

Curtain trim to finish the edges of lightweight curtains and ceilings.