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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion


تقدم ShowTex أحدث التقنيات في أنظمة تحريك الستائر. تتضمن مجموعتنا مجرى للستائر تناسب كافة أوزان الستائر ووحدات إسقاط Kabuki، وبكرات طي وحلولا تناسب الميزانية وأنظمة كشف لعروض المنتجات.

Meet the most versatile curtain track of all.

HiSpeed Reveal hardware

Create the most spectacular unveilings with this ultra-fast reveal system and leave a lasting impression!

Rope Drive Lite motorised track control by ShowTex

A budget-friendly track motor designed for basic curtain movement at a fixed speed.

Rope Drive Standard motorised track control by ShowTex

A motor with adjustable speed, designed to elegantly control your rope-operated curtain tracks.

RopeAssist - manual rope operation

Manually opening or closing your stage drapes by rope was never easier!

Chain Drive Standard motor by ShowTex

A budget-friendly motor with adjustable speed, designed for chain-operated curtain movement.

Kabuki 30 - drop system

The individual module of the famous Kabuki drop system now comes with even more reveal options.

Kabuki 50 - kabuki system

نظام Kabuki Drop هو نظام مثالي لكشف الفصل الأعلى في عرضك. 

GlossTape - carpet tape

Fully transparent and high-shine tape for attaching glossy floor types.

HiSpeed RollUp truss roller system by ShowTex

The famous high speed truss roller system sets your fabrics or screens in motion according to your needs.

HiSpeed Motor 3000 - Motorized Roll-up System

Budget-friendly and compact motor unit with fixed speed, compatible with all HiSpeed RollUp Truss Rollers.

HiSpeed Motor 8000 by ShowTex

Ultra-fast motor unit for HiSpeed RollUp that is easy to configure and touring-proof.

RollMolton Tape - fabric tape

Double-sided tape for attaching Molton temporarily to stage elements, wood and PVC.

ShowTex SandBag

Brace, hold and provide stability to set items.

EasyDrape Front of House

EasyDrape Front of House  مصمم خصوصيا لتغطية امام بيت او مسرح