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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Curtain Tracks

Curtain tracks for stage drapes

ShowTex curtain tracks are made from experience and are the ideal solution for studios, stages, theatres or event booths. Our tracks are suitable for every weight of drape, and can be custom curved to your needs. They can be operated by hand or by using motors.

View all our curtain track types below.

Meet the most versatile curtain track of all.

Compact plus curtain track

An aesthetic and silent walkalong curtain track for small and lightweight curtains.

Rail H100 - curtain track

Multifunctional, budget-friendly curtain track for medium-heavy to heavy curtains.

ShowPipe - curtain track

More sturdy aluminum version of the H100 curtain track with the same characteristics.

ShowTrack curtain track for heavy curtains

I-beam curtain track for very heavy curtains. ShowTrack is a very durable system and supports great distances.


Horizontal Chaintrack - curtain track

This curtain track is the perfect combination of reliable precision movement and track durability

Vertical ChainTrack - curtain track

Ideal for motorized heavy duty & precise vertical movement of lights, fabrics and set pieces.

Suspension Accessories

A variety of couplers and clamps for hanging curtains.