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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Temporary Wall & Backdrop Systems

Use our user-friendly EasyDrape pipe and drape system for quick build up of temporary walls and backdrops in any shape or form or get started with our revolutionary AV Drop lock frame system.

EasyDrape Front of House

The EasyDrape Front of House (FOH) is especially designed to mask a front of house or a stage.

AV Drop - Backdrop

Freestanding stage backdrops and temporary walls in no time.

EasyDrape - pipe and drape

The new and improved EasyDrape pipe & drape is now completely toolless and designed to make your life easier. Ideal for building diverse setups such as trade show displays, banner stands, venue masking, event decoration or temporary divider walls.

Double Frame - aluminium frame

Can be wall mounted (fixed install) or free standing / hanging for exhibition stands and room dividers.

Cube Frame - aluminium frame

For directional signage, a free standing platform, or a decorative hanging feature.

Commonly used as corner posts on a cubed (or rectangular) structure for exhibition stands.

Hexa profile - aluminium frame

A profile system offering a versatile solution for curved and multidimensional solutions.

To create unique chandeliers, overhead lighting, directional signage and exhibition stands.

Frames to your design for exhibition stands, wall designs, room dividers and decoration.