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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

3D structure made of quadro profile

Quadro Profile

Quadro Profile in combination with Double Frame is commonly used as corner posts in cube-shaped (or rectangular) structures for exhibition stands. The aluminium profile allows for fabrics or prints to be installed both on the outer and inner sides of the cube and the corners have a super clean finish.

Advantages: Clean corner finish, lightweight aluminium, easy to assemble & transport, no professional help needed, acoustic solutions, various colours, free-standing, free-hanging, 2 printed sides

Our Print Frame Profiles are made to measure up to almost any size for extra-large display prints and acoustic panels. Add acoustic characteristics to your prints to optimize sound quality in the space with a decorative feature.



AccessoryArticle codeInformation

1. Quadro Profile

8840 0010 0054

Weight: 1.99 kg/m • 50 x 50 mm • Length: 6m

2. 90° Corner Quadro Profile

8840 6039 0904

Weight: 0.20 kg/piece

3. Connection Plate

8847 0041 0004

Weight: 0.04 kg/piece