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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion


ShowTex presents the latest technology in curtain motion systems, theatre and event supplies. Our range includes curtain tracks for every weight of drape, Kabuki drops, roll ups, budget solutions and reveal systems for product presentations.

Very flexible rod, for creating 3D structures with stretch fabrics.

For connecting glass fibre rods. With black plastic sleeve that shrinks when heated.


Use Octopus for creating structures with the Glass Fibre Rod 8 mm.
Patent pending.

Flexible, single or double braided, polyester theatre rope. Available in white or black.

Ribcord - theatre rope

Extremely strong, braided Dyneema theatre rope in matte black or white. Almost invisible.

Stretchable attachment hooks. Easy-to-use fabric tensioner. Available in black and white.

Fabric tensioner for temporary attachment of cables. Per pack of 2.5 kg.


Pipesnap - pipe hanger

Pipe hanger for fast mounting of theatre legs, borders and backdrops. With a swivel hook.

Fabric press clamp for attaching stretch fabrics without damaging the fabric.


Convenient spring clamp to hold any material quickly and efficiently.


Traction power 220 N. Our Cable Ties are available in white (0003) or black (0007).

Omega clip

Flexible omega clip in black or white for attaching cloth to pipe.


Nickel S-hook that allows you to easily attach things to either end.


Snap hook for quick connecting of straps, webbing, or rope. With or without fastener.

Nickel o ring with fastener.