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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Rollers & reveal systems

Reveal system in action (on stage)

Discover our roller and reveal systems. From the ShowTex Kabuki Drop to the fastest roll-up system around: the HiSpeed RollUp. Creating an element of surprise on stage with a reveal system or rolling up / down curtains and screens has never been easier.

HiSpeed Reveal hardware

Create the most spectacular unveilings with this ultra-fast reveal system and leave a lasting impression!

Kabuki 30 - drop system

The individual module of the famous Kabuki drop system now comes with even more reveal options.

Kabuki 50 - kabuki system

Unveil a new product with a curtain drop and add an element of surprise they’ll never forget.

HiSpeed RollUp truss roller system by ShowTex

The famous high speed truss roller system sets your fabrics or screens in motion according to your needs.

HiSpeed Motor 3000 - Motorized Roll-up System

Budget-friendly and compact motor unit with fixed speed, compatible with all HiSpeed RollUp Truss Rollers.

HiSpeed Motor 8000 by ShowTex

Ultra-fast motor unit for HiSpeed RollUp that is easy to configure and touring-proof.

RollUp 300 - roll-up projection screen

Standard electric roll-up system for front or rear projection up to 6 m wide.

Electric roll-up projection screen with front or rear projection foil up to 450 cm wide.

Motorised, roll-up projection screen with front or rear projection foil.

AutoReveal 300 - reveal system

This reveal system lets you launch in style and at the push of a button.

AutoReveal - reveal systems

Reveal bigger items the size of a van or a small truck with the XL AutoReveal system.