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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion


ShowTex presents the latest technology in curtain motion systems, theatre and event supplies. Our range includes curtain tracks for every weight of drape, Kabuki drops, roll ups, budget solutions and reveal systems for product presentations.

Webbing no logo

Webbing is used to finish the top of stage curtains, together with grommets and laces.


A super versatile curtain finishing for hanging curtains quickly and easily.

Curtain trim to finish the edges of lightweight curtains and ceilings.


Tie Ribbon - curtain tie

Very flexible curtain tie, non-fraying, thermally cut.


Tie Ribbon on Roll - curtain tie

Very flexible curtain tie ribbon, non-fraying. Has to be thermally cut.


A selection of tassels and fringes to finish your stage curtains in style.

Weighting Tape is a flexible weight to straighten drapes and backdrops without altering the pleat

Use ShowTex Lead Weight to straighten drapes and backdrops.


Galvanized theatre chain.


Tension rod with quick coupling and seamless joints.

Stackable 15 kg stage weight with 30 mm opening.


Studio Weight - stage weight

Use Studio Weight, the perfect stage weight for perfect tensioning of scenic cloths, projection- and chroma key fabrics.

Very flexible rod, for creating 3D structures with stretch fabrics.

For connecting glass fibre rods. With black plastic sleeve that shrinks when heated.


Use Octopus for creating structures with the Glass Fibre Rod 8 mm.
Patent pending.