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Hexa profile - aluminium frame
Hexa profile - aluminium frame

Hexa Profile

The Hexa profile offers a versatile solution for curved and multidimensional setups. Its 6 grooves allow sliding in any fabric with keder finishing (sponge or solid keder) or bracing for the frame.

This aluminium frame can be curved on both the X and Y axis, giving designers all the freedom they need. It works great with modular and customised setups and can be used as bracing or separation between 2 fabrics with minimal frame visibility. It is perfect for joining fabric ceiling panels and keeping them straight, even in the most complex shapes.

Our Print Frame Profiles are made to measure up to almost any size for extra-large display prints and acoustic panels. Add acoustic characteristics to your prints to optimize sound quality in the space with a decorative touch.

Advantages: Clean joint finish, complex shapes, lightweight aluminium, easy to assemble & transport, DIY installation, acoustic solutions



AccessoryArticle codeInformation

1. Hexa Profile

8840 0010 0064

Weight: 1.92 kg/m • 48 x 48 mm • Length: 6m

2. Hexa Joint

8840 0010 0074

Weight: 0.35 kg/piece