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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Interior Design & Venue

De Roma - Lobby
Custom acoustic solutions for its renewed lobby
Sacred Heart Basilica
Celebrating with printed expo fabrics
Pop-up Globe
Printed fabrics make theatre pop
Restaurant Carre cotton ceiling panel Cyclo 270
Carré Restaurant
Fabric ceiling panels that blend in
ABB Formula E - printed fabric
ABB Formula E
Creatively printed fabrics set the mood
Home Futures - print frames
Home Futures
Print Frame divider walls for the win!
maison de la laïcité - acoustic curtains
Maison de la Laïcité
an ecological acoustic solution with Wool Serge Panne
printed mesh - printed fabric
Al Majlis at Madinat Jumeirah
Printed fabrics by ShowTex add a classy but festive atmosphere
Docks Dome - majestic velvet curtains
Docks Dome
majestic velvet curtains for a brand-new event space
Office Breakout Area
String curtains create separate areas
Dok Gent Acoustic Wool Serge Panne Curtains
Dok Noord
stylish office with optimal acoustics
Hand-painted StretchTulle
Aqua Vibrant
Painted artwork on StretchTulle mesh
Boompjes Rotterdam
Versatile event location featuring luscious curtains
Brussels Expo
PRG refurbishes Brussels Expo with drapes, screens and rails by ShowTex
(un)curtain office
A flexible working space seperated by a curtain system by ShowTex
Amsterdam District
H100 rail systems create a versatile office building
Radisson Blu atrium
impressive multilayered fabric chandeliers
ShowTex fabrics make up award-winning interior
decorative fabrics for Flemish-Moroccan interior
Ojos Abiertos
fabric birds flying by the window
Synagogue Amsterdam
Laser cut curtain for perfect light condition


Interior Design & Venue

Boompjes Rotterdam

High-end event location with flexible systems and luscious curtains by ShowTex.

Brussels Expo

Palace 10 & Auditorium 2000 revamped into ready-to-use event venues.

(un)curtain office

Transforming a building into a flexible working space seperated by a curtain system by ShowTex.

Amsterdam District

The municipality used ShowTex H100 rail systems to create the most versatile office building possible.

Radisson Blu atrium

The four-star hotel called on ShowTex to fit two impressive chandeliers and supply all of the draperies.


ShowTex fabrics bring inside and outside together at award-winning V-House villa in Asker, Norway.


Semi-transparent, loose weave muslin for the impressive staircase and meeting rooms.

Ojos Abiertos

The exhibition "Con los ojos abiertos" centered around several textile works portraying different bird species.

Synagogue Amsterdam

Dutch designer Petra Blaisse integrated laser cut fabrics from ShowTex into her latest project.