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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Interior Design & Venue

Enhancing acoustics at music chapel
Made-to-measure curtains for adaptable acoustics
Museum design with decorative display fabrics
Museum hall embellished with coloured curtains
Printed & velvet wedding decorations
Infinite mirror aisles and printed wedding interior
Curtains for improved church acoustics
Acoustic fabrics turn church into pleasant ceremony venue
Hardware and textile solutions for world expo
Countless m² of projection screens, prints, masking solutions and more
Acoustic velours curtain at recording studio
Sound reverberation on point thanks to acoustic fabrics
Colourful separation drapes for the Muntpunt Library
Fabric partitions for creative multi-purpose room
Acoustic Office Partitions
Extra-wide acoustic separation drape
Printed fabric walls for the Lady Dior Pop-up Store
See-through sheers stir curiosity
Town Hall Partition Drapes
XL velvet drapes improve both look and feel
Silversquare Bailli
Acoustic print fabrics improve productivity
Nursery School
FP XL Mesh adds a touch of peace and serenity
This is how you educate
Decorative fabrics splashing off your TV screen
De Roma - Lobby
Custom acoustic solutions for its renewed lobby
Sacred Heart Basilica
Celebrating with printed expo fabrics
Pop-up Globe
Printed fabrics make theatre pop
Restaurant at Royal Theatre Carré
Fabric ceiling panels that blend in
ABB Formula E
Creatively printed fabrics set the mood
Home Futures
Print Frame divider walls for the win!
Maison de la Laïcité
an eco-friendly acoustic solution with Wool Serge Panne
Al Majlis at Madinat Jumeirah
Printed fabrics by ShowTex add a classy but festive atmosphere
Docks Dome
majestic velvet curtains for a brand-new event space
Office Breakout Area
String curtains create separate areas
Dok Noord
stylish office with optimal acoustics
Aqua Vibrant
Painted artwork on StretchTulle mesh
Boompjes Rotterdam
Versatile event location featuring luscious curtains
(un)curtain office
A flexible working space seperated by a curtain system by ShowTex
Amsterdam District
H100 rail systems create a versatile office building
Radisson Blu atrium
impressive multilayered fabric chandeliers
ShowTex fabrics make up award-winning interior
decorative fabrics for Flemish-Moroccan interior
Ojos Abiertos
fabric birds flying by the window
Synagogue Amsterdam
Laser cut curtain for perfect light condition


Interior Design & Venue

This is how you educate

A mix of colourful decorative fabrics ensure the right ambiance in your TV studio.

De Roma - Lobby

The venue invites you for a chat or acoustic concert in its acoustically renewed lobby.

Sacred Heart Basilica

The famous basilica celebrates its centenary year with colourful printed expo fabrics and elegant mesh.

Pop-up Globe

Full-scale print fabrics make the replica of the Second Globe pop up in Australia.

Cotton ceiling panel Cyclo 270 at Theatre Carré's restaurant

Restaurant at Royal Theatre Carré

Custom-dyed Cyclo 270 panels complete the iconic ceiling structure of the restaurant at Carré Theatre. 

ABB Formula E - printed fabric

ABB Formula E

Using stylishly printed fabrics, both the private viewing deck & the fine dining pop-up radiated a truly classy vibe.

Home Futures - print frames

Home Futures

Six makeshift rooms, all fully constructed with aluminium profiles covered with fabric.

maison de la laïcité - acoustic curtains

Maison de la Laïcité

An all-inclusive acoustic solution featuring sustainable drapes by ShowTex.

printed mesh - printed fabric

Al Majlis at Madinat Jumeirah

During the holy month of Ramadan, ShowTex transformed the Madinat Arena into a dreamy setting.

Docks Dome - majestic velvet curtains

Docks Dome

A flexible suspension system with majestic velvet curtains creates a versatile venue design that can be adapted to the needs of each individual event.

Office Breakout Area

Spaghetti Bugdet string curtains by ShowTex create a sense of privacy in an open office work space.

Dok Gent Acoustic Wool Serge Panne Curtains

Dok Noord

Flexible ShowTex curtains made of Wool Serge Panne to create a stylish office space with optimal acoustics.