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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

ABB Formula E - printed fabric
ABB Formula E - printed fabric
ABB Formula E - printed fabric

ABB Formula E

Ad Diriyah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
March 2019

From all over the world, fans set off to the Saudia Ad Diriyah E-Prix for three days of great racing fun, live music and cultural activities. Using stylishly printed fabrics, both the private viewing deck and the fine dining pop-up radiated a truly classy vibe.

Custom light boxes at the Royal Cube

Multiple light boxes printed with traditionally inspired artwork were mounted onto the wooden beam structure, setting a unique and royal atmosphere. By using two layers of fabric, you can easily add depth and texture to a printed image. The great light-diffusing quality of Backlit Stretch combined with the see-through speaker Mesh transformed the prints into stunning decorative pieces that fully lit up the Royal Cube viewing deck.

Printed at the fine dining pop up

Overlooking the UNESCO heritage site of Turaif, the fine dining area felt like a peaceful oasis in the middle of the racing buzz. A printed FP White screen fully covered the ceiling of the pop-up, while the temporary walls were made out of Speaker Mesh Print. By perfectly aligning the geometric prints with the wooden construction and opting for a semi-transparent fabric, the surroundings shimmered through, allowing guests to enjoy a stunning shadow play!

Project credits

Designlab Experience