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Sound-absorbing curtains improved church acoustics
Translucent yet sound-absorbing drapes improve church acoustics

Curtains for improved church acoustics

Eindhoven, The Netherlands
October 2022

Refurbishing a chapel into a public ceremony hall is quite a challenge, especially when it comes to acoustics. Sound-absorbing fabrics in all corners of the space drastically improved the reverberation of this location.

Acoustic wool and sound-absorbing sheers

DomusDELA, once a church, is now a stunning meeting space and event venue. The chapel underwent quite a renovation, with its acoustics being the main issue that needed to be tackled. Thanks to dark wool covering the invisible issues, and sheers adding a decorative touch, the reverberation could be improved significantly.

Be prepared to see some magic happen, as translucent drapes are installed in front of the mosaic windows. When the lights shimmer through the closed sheers, the venue bathes in a royal purple glow. A delight to the eye that is perfect for a unique event location like this. The best part? Although the curtains are so thin that light can shine through, they still absorb sound. Acoustic solution on point!

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Project credits

Bureau Franken
DomusDela Vastgoed BV
DiederenDirrix - Bert Dirrix en Arie van Rangelrooij