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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Office Breakout Area

Dublin, Ireland
August 2017

Fusion Office Design commissioned ShowTex to supply white Spaghetti Budget curtains to create breakout areas in a new Dublin-based open office. By using these lightweight string curtains, the room can easily be divided in smaller work zones without impacting on the flow of the open plan while bringing in a little privacy.

Each curtain is 1 m wide and 2.7 m high and is mounted in a multi-track system to prevent entanglement of the strings when nesting or parking the curtains. The triple track used for this project is a very slim profile to match the lightweight appearance of the curtains and add a degree of future-proofing should additional curtains be installed.

The office design mixes a conventional suspended ceiling with exposed ceiling areas above the breakout spaces and the string curtains are fixed as a transition point between the two, helping to soften and mask the border.

Another contemporary and creative solution with decorative flame-retardant textiles!

Project credits

Fusion Office Design