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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Nursery School

Hongkong, China
November 2020

Set foot into this brand-new nursery concept. With numerous wavy ceiling panels and an extensive amount of timber, it unites classrooms and play areas into a warm and welcoming area where learning is fun fun fun!

Stepping through one of the many doors of the kindergarten, you immediately notice the stylishly white ceiling panels that give the space a bright and airy vibe. Concealing both the ceiling structure and the lighting fixtures, the wavy layers of PVC mesh are key for the overall look of the space.

Mesh ceiling panels for an even light distribution

You will certainly feel at home here, as the even light spread of the textured ceiling covers creates a warm and cosy atmosphere. But safety is important as well. That’s why the PVC mesh is certified flame-retardant, according to various international FR standards. For these little explorers, only an environment that is both exciting and safe is good enough!

Restyling your kindergarten, play area or nursery school? The right choice of decorative fabrics really makes a difference.


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