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Velvet separation drapes for multi-purpose office
Acoustic textile partitions for multi-purpose office
Acoustic textile partitions for multi-purpose office

Acoustic Office Partitions

Hong Kong, China
November 2021

A pleasant and flexible work environment surely boosts your productivity, and great office acoustics are key. That’s why sound-absorbing drapes and elegant rails turned out to be the perfect solution for this office space.

Acoustic divider curtains

How do you create a work environment that drives motivation? By making it flexible enough to adapt to different working conditions. An extra-wide velvet drape attached to an OrientTrack system already gives the venue a whole new purpose.

By dividing the open space into multiple areas with a floor-to-ceiling multi-layered drape, you create a sound-proof space that is perfect for meetings. As soon as you open the curtain, your office returns to its open and airy state again. Such a flexible way to design your interior!

OrientTrack, versatile curtain rail

With its special acoustic runner, OrientTrack prevents an air gap between the acoustic drape and the ceiling, making it the perfect rail system for this office setup. And there’s more: the elegant curtain rail is super smooth and silent, so you’ll never bother colleagues when you open or close the drape. Special shapes and custom curves? All is possible with this bendable profile. Ideal for versatile meeting areas and temporary partitions.

On the lookout for an original way to part your office or co-working space, while improving the acoustic qualities of your room?

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