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Amazing Stage Fabrics in Motion

Painted backdrop

ShowTex offers stunning hand-painted stage backdrops for theatres, venues and unique event decoration.

ShowLED Classic - star cloth

A truly dynamic star cloth with randomly placed and high quality bluish/white LEDs.

ShowLED Chameleon - star cloth

The RGB LED star cloth system with the same features as ShowLED Classic, but in colour.

ShowLED Animation - LED curtain

LED curtain for low resolution video loops, images and flash animations on performances and special events.

ShowLED Animation Waterproof - LED curtain

Weatherproof LEDs bring the flexible LED curtain ShowLED Animation outdoors.

LED integration in fabrics

Integrate showled components into different fabrics or surfaces for custom or unique applications

ShowLED Animation Hybrid - LED curtain

Blindingly bright and suitable LED curtain for outdoor use, it's the ideal mix of the Waterproof and High Output system.

lasercut fabrics

Cut out any design, pattern, or shape with millimeter precision.

Universal Mesh Print - printed mesh

Ideal theatre scrim for special effects or speaker cloth. Dye-sublimation printed, creaseless and transport friendly (foldable)

FP XL Mesh Print - printed mesh

Good wind permeability for outdoor use. High resolution mesh.

Outdoor Stretch Print - outdoor fabric

Stretchable outdoor fabric for printed shading and 3D stretch shapes (tents).

Artist Canvas Print - printed fabric

The perfect printed fabric for large format art reproductions.

Universal 250 Print - printed fabric

High quality decorative printed fabric, easy to tension.  Great for front lit cubes and print frames. Great recovery after folding.

Universal 250 BB Print - printed fabric

High quality decorative printed fabric with a black backing, ideal for a printed blackout fabric.

Backlit Stretch Print - printed fabric

Amazing printed fabric for decorative backlit cubes and print frames.