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ShowLED Chameleon - star cloth
RGB star cloth
ShowLED Chameleon - star cloth
ShowLED Chameleon - star cloth
ShowLED Chameleon - star cloth

ShowLED Chameleon

ShowLED Chameleon star cloth offers the same extensive features as the ShowLED Classic system, but with stars in every colour as a result of RGB colour mixing.

The ShowLED Classic and Chameleon star curtains share the same controller which will automatically switch to RGB mode once RGB LED strings are linked to it. Choose from colour changes, twinkling effects or chase patterns, offering the full colour spectrum.

Chameleon star curtains are easily DMX controlled through preset effects memory or offer full dimmer control of each output channel. With 8 output channels, a controller runs a maximum of 256 RGB LEDs. Given the standard density of around 6 LEDs per sqm (randomly placed), one controller can run a starcloth surface of up to 50 sqm. By linking several controllers together in master-slave configuration, multiple panels become one extended setup and form a perfect LED star backdrop or ceiling.

Standard ready-made star curtains

ShowLED Chameleon curtains are made from inherently flame retardant black Molton CS with FR black DekoTaft lining. The curtains are finished with hook and loop fasteners for easy panel joining in any direction.

Stock sizes of our star cloths

4x6m, 4x9m and 5x7m (other sizes / shapes / fabrics on request).



 Accessory  Information
 1. Chameleon LEDs  • 5 mm RGB LEDs
 • Wide viewing angle
 • Replaceable pull-and-push LEDs
 2. LED Sockets  • Hook and loop fasteners
 • No soldering or glue required
 3. LED Strings  • Male/female connectors not included
 • Click-on connectors available
 • Strings of 4, 12 or 16 LEDs
 4. Controller  • 8 output channels (for max. 256 RGB LEDs)
 • Stand-alone mode with Effects Memory
 • DMX-compatible (cable optional)
 • Dimensions: 140 x 135 x 43 mm
 • Weight: 455 g
 5. Molton CS  • Width: 300 cm
 • Length: 60 m
 • Weight: 320 g/m2
 • Composition: 100% PES
 • FR standard: NF P 92-507 / M1, BS 5867 PART 2B (2008) / pass, DIN 4102 / B1, NFPA 701 (2019) / pass, GB 8624-2012 / B1, AS 1530.3-1999, AS 1530.2-1993
 6. DekoTaft  • Width: 310 cm
 • Length: 100 m
 • Weight: 66 g/m2
 • Composition: 100% PES FR
 • FR standard: NF P 92-507 / M1